Donat King (b. 1989) is a young artist from Switzerland.

Drawing and sculpting from life has opened up a world to him; a world of beauty and understanding - a dialogue of an artistic and cultural tradition to explore timeless questions of the human condition through our existence and experience in the here and now. Being trained as a classical draughtsman and painter a two month sojourn in Paris in 2010 was a life changing experience. Seeing the sculptures at the Musée du Louvre he realized his true passion. Following his calling for sculpture he came to New York in the search for the best training available. For the last three years he has applied himself to learn the art and trade of the sculptor.

He first sculpts his work in clay and then casts it into its final permanent material. Working in clay allows him to explore the subject and search for the forms represented, understanding their volume and relationship in space.

All work is created through a combination of working from life, memory and imagination. He studied at Studio Escalier, the Janus Collaborative School of Art and at the Art Students League of New York. He is the recipient of many international awards; most notably his studies have been supported for five years by a grant from the Fritz Gerber foundation for talented youth.

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